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The Association H. Capitant was established in 1935, in Paris, by former students of Professor Henri Capitant, an outstanding scholar of the French legal culture.  Thus, the primary goal of the Association is to preserve and foster the civilian legal heritage and the French legal culture.  This goal has now been extended to include all civil law jurisdictions.

For those purposes, the Association, headquartered in Paris, has created "Chapters" around the world;  there are about 45 such chapters today including one in Louisiana which was incorporated in 1977.  The Louisiana chapter of the Association is domiciled at the LSU Law Center.

Ever since its creation, the Louisiana Chapter has sent representatives to the annual Journées, or annual Congress, to preserve and  strengthen the special relationships that exist between all those who belong to the same legal heritage:  the civil law.  At these Journées, held in a variety of countries (including Louisiana which was host in 1978 and 1992), and which bring together well over 200 lawyers and legal scholars, various topics on issues of law are studied under the form of national reports followed by debates.  The national reports and summaries of the debates are then published in a book form.  [les Travaux de l'Association Henri Capitant]

The Louisiana Chapter of the Association Henri Capitant will be host to the 2008 Journées on the topic "Law and Culture." On that occasion we will celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Louisiana Civil Code or Digest of 1808.

The Louisiana Chapter has created two prizes to encourage law students to hone their skills in civil law subjects.  Each year a prize is given to the best civil law comment or note published in each one of the four law reviews of the Louisiana law schools. 

The Louisiana Chapter is run by a board elected every year at the annual business meeting scheduled in conjunction with the Tucker lecture held at Louisiana State University.

The Louisiana Chapter of the Association Henri Capitant is a nonprofit organization.